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Our WordPress Autoupdate Just Got Better

WordPress Autoupdates Just Got Better

If you have a WordPress website and you’re a SiteGround customer, you’re most likely taking advantage of the SiteGround WordPress autoupdate service. Having your WordPress installation up-to-date is crucial for a stable and secure website. To make autoupdates hassle-free, we have developed our own WordPress Autoupdate Tool, which is included in all SiteGround hosting plans.

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Free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL

Starting from today, all SiteGround customers can get a free Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL. This will make the setup and maintenance of websites with subdomains much easier, as they can now be encrypted with a single certificate. All it takes is a few clicks in our updated Let’s Encrypt interface in the cPanel. Ever since we heard that Let’s Encrypt plan to launch free Wildcard SSL, we’ve been eagerly waiting for this and we are proud to be among the first hosting companies to successfully integrate the new SSL in their platform. We strongly believe that global adoption of SSL certificates makes the Internet a more secure place.

Let’s Encrypt and SiteGround

Today’s launch is a logical step in our ongoing effort to encourage all SiteGround customers to use the secure HTTPS protocol. This process started in 2016 with SiteGround being among the first hosts backing up the Let’s Encrypt initiative. Then we provided an interface, where our customers could issue the standard single domain Let’s Encrypt SSL. In 2017 we went even further and started to automatically install this certificate on every domain hosted with us. Today, we are happy to offer the new Wildcard Let’s Encrypt certificate too. The Wildcard option was added to our interface just 2 weeks after it was officially launched by Let’s Encrypt.

Should you use SSL? Definitely yes!

Why use SSL? Basically, because it makes browsing more secure. However, this reason has been around since SSLs existed and yet sites with HTTPS across all pages wasn’t very common till recently. Today things are different because even if you don’t care that much about your own website security, Google does. HTTP sites will lose rankings, compared to HTTPS ones. In July Chrome will start displaying a warning that non-HTTPS sites aren’t secure, which will quickly scare away visitors. These are some of the reasons why we started to install the standard Let’s Encrypt SSL and encourage its use in the first place.

What is Wildcard SSL and how to get it?

The Wildcard SSL is different from the standard SSL because it secures the traffic not only for your primary domain name, but for all of its subdomains as well (e.g. This is particularly useful for websites with different sections divided by subdomains (like online stores, websites with message boards, chats, etc). With a standard SSL you need to install a separate domain certificate for each subdomain, and with Wildcard you can secure them with a single certificate. This makes setting up and maintaining a website with multiple subdomains much easier.

Note that the standard Let’s Encrypt certificate is perfectly fine, if you do not use subdomains. SiteGround will continue to automatically install this type of certificate for every new domain name. However, every SiteGround customer can upgrade existing Let’s Encrypt standard certificates or install new Wildcard ones in the Let’s Encrypt Tool, located in your cPanel. All Let’s Encrypt Wildcard certificates and installations remain absolutely free.

Let’s Encrypt vs Premium SSLs

Even though we now offer Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL for free, we will continue to provide Premium EV and Wildcard SSL certificates through GlobalSign for the customers who need them. While Let’s Encrypt is an excellent alternative for informational and personal websites, bigger organisations and ecommerce websites may want to take into consideration the Premium SSLs, which come with dynamic seals, extended validation options and underwritten warranty of between $10,000 and $1,500 000.

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How ToMarch 25, 2018

Amzlayer WP Plugin – Create an Amazon Affiliate section on your WordPress site

Amzlayer WP is a WordPress plugin that helps you easily create an affiliate store section within your blog/site with millions of products. If you prefer a standalone version instead of a WordPress plugin, you can check Amzlayer PHP!

Use Amzlayer WP to increase revenue from your blog traffic, you don’t need to manually create affiliate links, users can find any product on Amazon through Amzlayer.

Email Campaigns

Amazon doesn’t allow promoting affiliate links in email campaigns. So you can find the corresponding product page on your Amzlayer site and link that in your emails.

Social Media

Amazon doesn’t allow you to post affiliate links on social media sites Instagram, Quora, Reddit. Facebook groups usually don’t allow the promotion of affiliate links. In these cases, instead of posting an affiliate link to Amazon on Instagram for example, you can also use the product page on your Amzlayer site and you’ll be fine.

Tell Friends

Tell your friends and family to buy from Amazon using your site and earn comissions every month.

The standard Amazon affiliate link gives you 24 hours for a customer to make a purchase, in order for you to earn a commission. Amazon will extend your cookie by another 89 days if the customer adds a product to their cart. Amzlayer will add the products to cart on your site before sending the user to Amazon so your users will get the 90 days Amazon cookie(only for the products added to the cart from your site).

Supported marketplaces

This script works with these available marketplaces: US, CA, UK, IN, JP, IT, BR, MX, DE, ES, CN, FR.


What are the requirements to run Amzlayer?

Amzlayer is a WordPress plugin, it requires WordPress itself and cURL enabled, PHP 5.5+

How do I install Amzlayer?

You install Amzlayer just like any other WordPress plugin.

Does Amzlayer use a database?

This wordpress plugin uses the database only to store configuration options.

How do I get the API keys?

Please follow the first two steps on this page:

What’s the difference between the US and non-US marketplaces?

The only difference is in the search results. The US marketplace allows results to be filtered by price range, brand name and other options. See the Canadian Marketplace to view the differences: