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How ToJanuary 23, 2016

WordPress Management with Calypso – Meetup

Get to know Calypso, the new interface and app. What is it? Who would use it? How to use it and its strengths & weaknesses so far.

Join us each month for WordPress topics at WPHFD.COM

Meetup Welcome and Info [0:00]
What is Calypso? [4:26]
Who Would Use Calypso? [11:32]
How Would We Use Calypso? [18:52]
Weaknesses & Strengths [24:23]
Mini Case Studies [30:27]

In this recording, and at the live meetup I incorrectly said that site users could login to to access the management areas and create content within a team, if the site is connected via Jetpack. This is inaccurate.

Your clients, or authors would need to have independent accounts through which they can login BUT i have yet to find any way to invite them to access Calypso within a team for self-hosted WordPress sites (on sites you can still invite any tuber of users to be authors etc.) For self-hosted, Although you can have multiple people login through one user account- that is insecure, and bad form.

So I am left to re-think my current view of Calypso – If it cannot currently be used within a team.. then its only helpful to the sole admin that initiated the JetPack connection. FOR NOW : )

Will update with findings on this matter asap.